Our Story

Best interior chicago painter As a young kid growing up in Libertyville, Illinois, I have fond memories of riding in my dad’s work truck.  Since a young age, construction, the smell of a real wood working shop, and the trades have been in my blood.  Working on homes is a generational constant in my family.  At the age of 9, I developed a taste for travel living coast to coast.  Some of the great places I’ve lived includes California, Wyoming, Maryland, Washington, Wisconsin, & Illinois.  Traveling across the States is where I began to develop a love for art, color, and the little details of life.   At age 17, my stepfather retired from the Navy and I was presented with the choice of moving back to Wyoming or my birth state of Illinois.  I chose my home town of Libertyville, IL.  When you move out on your own there is one important thing you have to do… get a job, right?  I began training in the automotive painting industry painting car parts.  It wasn’t a dream job, but it paid the bills.  Looking back our attention to detail and proper preparation skills all began right there.  Ever have one of those ahh haa moments searching through the past?


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